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Office Builders ethos has always been to listen to our customers and work together with them, developing a solution that meets their full requirements at a realistic budget. After we have talked through what you and your company require we can start to build a picture of your new offices. Contact us today to see how we can help. From the initial meeting right through until your project is complete you will have the same person to deal with.

It doesn’t have to be a grand design

We understand not all businesses are looking for a jaw dropping architectural wonder, many of our commercial clients simply prefer a down to earth, practical, budgeted approach.

We understand the busy, high volume, attritive nature of commercial environments and it’s our practice to recommend systems, hardware and installation methods that ensure maximum service life and usability.

Decades in the industry and having the benefit of working in the same buildings over many years (sometimes also decades!) has taught us what works and what doesn’t.

Many elements of your office environment won’t catch your eye until they go wrong, we believe there’s beauty in any job well executed.

A word from our Managing Director, Stephen Dean;

I have been building offices for 30 years, with my Father, Uncle and Cousin all being carpenters working in the interior sector, refurbishment is in my DNA! I believe a craftsman’s passion and eye for detail are invaluable tools, right from the start of the consultation process, through design and specifying and of course in the actual fitting. It’s my pleasure to lend genuine experience to our client’s projects and I look forward to helping you too!

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