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Augustus Oils needed more laboratory space. We constructed a new mezzanine floor which was one hour fire rated with clean room conditions,flooring, lighting, extraction, air-conditioning and single and three phase power.

Tacotherm needed more space to build their hi tech home heating and hot water systems, a mezzanine floor was the ideal answer.

R E Design needed space in their new unit to produce their fantastic printed artwork. The mezzanine has proved to be the perfect answer.

UK Postbox needed more space to sort all the post items for their customers, a mezzanine made use of the roof space.

Whispaire needed more space to prepare their goods ready for fitting into boats and camper vans, the mezzanine made use of all the headroom in the building. Perfect.

Vapourize fitted a mezzanine for office and storage to house the liquids that go into electronic cigarettes.

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