Our Renovation Project for Kidney Care UK

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At Office Builders, we recently undertook a small renovation project for Kidney Care UK, a charity focused on kidney health and patient support. This project involved a comprehensive relocation within a historical building in Alton, Hampshire, showcasing our expertise in handling intricate renovation tasks that blend precision with creativity.

Client or Subject Information:

Our client, Kidney Care UK, operates from a period building in Alton, Hampshire. They approached us with the need for an office renovation that would reconfigure their space while respecting the building’s character.

Challenge or Problem:

We faced several complex challenges in this project. The building’s age demanded a renovation approach that preserved its character. Structural features like ornate coving and real timber finishes required careful handling. Additionally, logistical issues, such as limited access through spiral staircases, added complexity. Moreover, a tight timeframe, imposed by our last-minute involvement and a pre-scheduled furniture delivery, further complicated our task.


We developed a solution focussed on balancing modern office functionality with period features. Our plan included moving a wall to optimize space utilization whilst ensuring seamless integration with the existing structure. This move involved extending a cupboard to align with the relocated wall, maintaining aesthetic continuity. We also re-routed data and electrical services to suit the new layout with the added benefit of reducing the existing visible wiring. Special attention was paid to repairing ornate features and adapting skirting in order to preserve the building’s historical essence.


Our implementation process involved navigating the building’s unique features, such as its spiral staircases and delicate plaster finishes. We meticulously planned and executed the renovation, addressing logistical challenges while making practical enhancements to the office space.


The renovation was a resounding success. We transformed Kidney Care UK’s office space into a functional, aesthetically pleasing environment that respected the building’s character. The client’s immense satisfaction with the outcome was evident in their five-star Google review and positive testimonials, especially praising the high-quality decoration work, friendliness and professionalism of our team and the seamless integration of new changes.

Lessons Learned:

A key lesson from this project was the importance of thorough planning and the ability to adapt to on-site challenges. Our attention to detail and foresight in renovation significantly enhanced the final outcome, emphasizing the importance of an eye for detail in complex projects.

Testimonials or Quotes:

We received glowing testimonials from the client and the office furniture company, highlighting the exceptional quality of the renovation and the improved functionality and appearance of the office space. The client’s acknowledgment of the project’s successful blend of functional improvement and sensitive integration to the building’s character was particularly gratifying.


This case study exemplifies the importance of proficiency in managing complex office renovation projects, even in older buildings. The result of integrating modern office design with period features resulted in a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and historically respectful office space for Kidney Care UK.

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