Quattro Foods Canteen Refurbishment by Office Builders

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At Office Builders, we recently had the opportunity to undertake a canteen refurbishment project for Quattro Foods. This project was particularly meaningful as it aimed to reward Quattro Foods’ staff with a significantly improved canteen area. The existing canteen was outdated and under-equipped, struggling to meet the needs of the staff who often use it during shift breaks.

Client or Subject Information:

Our client, Quattro Foods, is a small but significant player in the food industry based in Portsmouth, and catering to some very prominent clients. (cant mention them)They approached us with a clear goal: to transform their tired canteen into a welcoming and functional space for their staff.

Challenge or Problem:

The challenges we faced in this project were multifaceted. Firstly, the canteen space was limited, measuring around 40 square meters, and needed to accommodate up to 18 people simultaneously. The project also had budget constraints, and Quattro Foods required a quick transformation that didn’t disrupt their nearly round-the-clock operations.


We approached the project with a budget-first mindset, offering various options to meet the client’s financial constraints. Our solution involved wall cladding as a cost-effective and attractive way to revitalize the space. We also planned for integrated branding and graphics on the walls to convey the company’s ethos and values. To address the kitchen space issue, we designed a full height layout to maximize floor space while incorporating ample storage and kitchen facilities. We produced a space plan and specified a variety of furniture to cater for dining, relaxation, meeting and different size groups.


Implementing the refurbishment was a meticulous process, given the operational and space constraints. We installed a large kitchen along one wall with double-height cupboards to maximize storage. Locker-style cupboards were introduced for personal storage. Windows were removed to ensure privacy, and the wall cladding was used to revitalize and brand the space. We scheduled the work during the Christmas shutdown to minimize disruption and deliver a ‘surprise’ effect for returning staff.


The transformation was night and day. The new canteen featured double the amenities – two sinks, two microwaves, two fridges – catering to the rush during shift changes. The variety of seating arrangements, from soft seating to circular tables, made the space versatile and inviting. The staff returned to a completely revamped space that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Lessons Learned:

A key takeaway from this project was the importance of early planning and consultation. By starting the dialogue early, we were able to understand the client’s needs and constraints better, leading to more effective solutions. Our experience working through holidays like Christmas proved invaluable in identifying the best time for implementation.

Testimonials or Quotes:

The client was extremely satisfied with the transformation. The before and after photos told the story of a space that went from being ‘a bit sad and uninviting’ to a place where staff would genuinely want to spend their breaks.


This project highlights our ability at Office Builders to transform spaces within tight constraints of time, budget, and space. Our consultative approach, combined with creative problem-solving, allowed us to deliver a canteen refurbishment that not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations.


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