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Office Partitions

Sometimes division is a good thing

We are expert in all types of partition walls, in particular aluminium, modular, demountable partition systems. We fit huge 3 storey high stud walls that divide warehouses, structural timber stud walls and lightweight metal stud walls in a choice of finishes that can satisfy a massive range of requirements such as acoustic, fire and security stipulations.

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Office Suspended Ceilings

For the business that’s looking up

The top of your room can be another area for statement design whether it’s a plasterboard ceiling, a tiled grid, acoustic rafts or timber slats. They are a cost effective panoramic solution that allow access to the services above when required. Not only does a new suspended ceiling improve the look of your office interior but it saves on heating and cooling costs too.

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Office Decoration

Display your company’s true colours

It is amazing how a workspace can be transformed by some imaginative decorating. Paint, wallpaper, vinyl graphics and feature cladding provide a rich pallet to make your place of business stand out.

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Office Kitchens

Break out of the ordinary

Kitchens used to be simply utilitarian space but are increasingly recognised as not just a place to relax and recharge but also as a hub for communication and often a casual setting for a meeting.

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Office Flooring

A world of design at your feet

Just as lighting, furniture and decoration make a huge difference to an office interior so does flooring. Flooring can be so much more than just a comfortable surface to walk on.

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Office Furniture

Are you sitting comfortably?

No space is complete without the furnishings that are the contact point between people and spaces. Whether it’s an aesthetic touch to delight your staff and customers or something more robust to survive in a high traffic commercial environment we can supply a solution for you. Careful space planning ensures you don’t waste or overcrowd your precious metreage.

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Office Washrooms

Is it time to come clean?

Hygiene has never been higher on the agenda and your company’s washing facilities are typically a major factor in your team’s sense of well-being. Maybe you’re an expanding organisation that needs to find more washroom capacity or you want your facilities to be as inviting as the rest of your space?

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